Residents are split over plans for a new McDonald’s restaurant in a Wiltshire retail park.

Planning applications were recently lodged to make alterations to unit 2A at Hathaway Retail Park in Chippenham, which is currently occupied by Bensons for Beds.

These have been submitted by McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd and include an odour assessment for a “new proposed McDonald’s restaurant” at the shopping park.

While McDonald’s said it was unable to comment on the application at this time, the proposals suggest the chain could be opening a new branch at the site.

Wiltshire Council approved plans to convert the use of the current bed store to a mixed restaurant and takeaway in January.

This news has divided locals on Facebook, with some excited at the idea of a new branch just minutes from the town centre.

Wiltshire Times: Bensons for BedsBensons for Beds (Image: Newsquest)

It is hoped this would ease the pressure on the town’s only current McDonald’s, on Bath Road, which can become busy during peak times.

Speaking on Facebook, Keith Gooden said: “Can’t come soon enough. The site by Sainsbury’s is too small and sometimes causes havoc on the roundabout.”

Rich Tidmarsh added: “This would be a welcome addition to the town for most people.

“I swear the only reason the current one in Chippenham is so busy is because of the location and lack of alternative.”

“It's a trek out of town to the main one”, said Amanda McCabe.

“We don't go often anyway but probably less often than we would if they were able to handle demand.”

Others were less optimistic about the plans and criticised the idea of a fast food chain setting up shop in the retail park

Caroline Andrews said: “I hoped for something a bit more adventurous and interesting than that.”

“Don't need any more fast food restaurants”, said James Chiddy.

Wiltshire Times:

Steve Jones fears a popular new restaurant could increase traffic at the busy five-way junction near Hathaway Retail Park.

He added: “The increased traffic flow will cause mayhem.”

The planning applications include proposals to display an internally illuminated “McDonald’s” letterset and install multiple illuminated golden arches.

Last year, applicants Aegon UK Property Fund Ltd said the change of use would allow them greater flexibility to re-let the property to potential new occupants.

At the time of writing, the unit remains available on the market to let, listed by Savills, and is described as being under offer.

Bensons for Beds was approached for comment.