Historian Dan Snow will return to Channel 5 to present a new documentary about Stonehenge this weekend.

Stonehenge: The Discovery with Dan Snow will premiere at 9pm on Sunday, March 31 on Channel 5 and My5.

The programme will follow Dan as he attempts to piece together the history of the stone circle and reveal modern discoveries that are moving the world closer to uncovering its mysteries.

Along his journey, Dan visits the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes to examine the Bush Barrow Chieftain and his gold lozenge found by William Cunnington in 1808 and goes among the stones with skyscape archaeologist Fabio Parracho Silva of Bournemouth University to measure the astronomical alignments of Stonehenge.

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In the opening of the programme, which has been released ahead of the premiere, Dan explains his and others’ fascination with Stonehenge which inspired the documentary and the new discoveries he will reveal.

Dan said: “Stonehenge is totally unique. There’s nothing like this ring of colossal stone arches anywhere else in the world. It’s as old as the pyramids; it’s one of the world’s greatest archaeological sites.

“In this programme, I’m joining the investigations that are still unlocking the mysteries of Stonehenge. I’ll be following the most recent hunt for where the biggest stones came from and exploring how they were moved. I’ll come face-to-face with the ancient people of Stonehenge and their beautiful treasures and reveal the unbelievable sophistication of Stonehenge’s builders.”