A man came within a hair's breadth of stealing a petting zoo animal from a popular Wiltshire animal centre. 

On March 31, Trowbridge Police received a report that a male had climbed over the fence of Fairfield Animal Centre and removed an animal - identified as a ferret - from the park's petting zoo. 

The male then left the centre but members of staff were able to apprehend and challenge the would-be ferret thief. 

The mammal was subsequently returned to the park. 

No arrests have been made following the incident, with a Wiltshire Police spokesperson confirming enquiries are still ongoing. 

The Frome Road animal centre and cafe is home to many animals including rabbits, goats, sheep, pigs, donkeys, cows, wallabies, emus and alpacas. 

Visitors can walk Alpacas or goats around the animal park, or meet and greet a donkey. 

Officers from Trowbridge police returned to the centre on April 8 to hold a community engagement event there in a bid to provide crime prevention advice and reassurance to the local community following the attempted theft.