A vandal has caused £5,000 worth of damage after smashing the screens on four fuel pumps during an unprovoked attack at a Trowbridge filling station.

The man was caught on CCTV attacking the pumps at the Trowbridge Lodge Services on the West Ashton Road on Bank Holiday Monday April 1.

Josh Scanlon, who manages the BP filling station, said a staff member walking home after it closed at 10pm heard the sound of the screens being smashed.

“We close at 10pm and the staff generally take about 15 minutes to clear up and leave.

“The man drove onto the forecourt and sat in his car for ten minutes before getting out. It was completely unprovoked.

“He tried to rip the nozzles off the pumps and then used them to smash the screens.

“One member of staff who was walking home heard the commotion and rang the police who came straightaway but they just missed him.

“We have got his car registration number and a name so we don’t think it will be long before they catch him.”

Mr Scanlon said the man – who they believe to be local - had been seen by staff the week before meeting someone on the forecourt.

He says the man damaged the screens on four pumps and that the attack has caused disruption to their business.

“We have had to shut off two of the pumps because he smashed the screens on either side.”

The filling station has nine pumps selling unleaded and diesel fuel and Mr Scanlon says they have been given a £5,000 quote to repair the damaged pumps.

“We have already received new screens but we are now waiting for the engineer to come and fit them,” he said.

“It is very unfortunate that this has occurred through someone’s thoughtless actions. It has had a massive effect on the business.

“It is very frustrating because we can’t do our normal business.

"A lot of people assume that we have no fuel because half of the pumps are shut off, or are just driving away because they don’t want to queue.”

A Wiltshire Police spokesperson said: “We have received a report of criminal damage to a fuel pump at Trowbridge Lodge Service Station in West Ashton Road which occurred on April 1 at approximately 10.20pm after the garage closed.

“Enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with information should call 101 and quote crime reference number 54240037153.”