A serial shoplifter has been jailed after admitting to a spree of offences in Wiltshire.

Ian Gadd, of Bradley Road, indicated pleas of guilty to 11 new charges of theft and one attempted theft which were carried out over the course of several months totalling £2,460.

In Bradford-on-Avon, he stole alcohol worth £220 from the town’s Sainsbury's on October 12, 2023, returned the next day to take £250 worth of alcohol, then took more booze worth £238 on October 14, and came back to steal other alcohol and general groceries worth £176 on October 16 before shoplifting similar goods worth £575 altogether on both October 29 and 30.

In Westbury, the The 45-year-old defendant took vacuum cleaners worth £99.98 from Lidl on September 29, 2023, then stole meat worth £112.63 from the same store on October 13 and tried to leave without paying for alcohol worth £106 from that Lidl on October 16.

In Melksham, he stole goods worth £108 from Asda on November 25, 2023.

On March 3, 2024, Gadd tried to steal joints of meat worth £126 from the Bradford-on-Avon Sainsbury's.

He has been jailed for 98 days because the offences were committed during the operational perod of a suspended sentence, and due to his list of previous convictions for theft.