Police have put a dispersal order in place around Warminster’s town centre after a spate of antisocial behaviour.

The order is in force from 4pm on Friday, April 12, until 4pm on Sunday, April 14, covering Weymouth Street, High Street, George Street, Fairfield Road, Station Road, Market Place, North Row, The Avenue, and the Warminster Lake Pleasure Grounds.

The order also covers businesses and neighbouring car parks for Lidl, the Morissons and Warminster Civic Centre, Argos, B&M, Snap Fitness, Corn Market independent shops, and chains on Three Horseshoe Walk, as well as the central car park and the public toilets on The Avenue.

It allows officers and community support officers in uniform to make any individuals who are causing or likely to cause antisocial or criminal offences leave the area for up to 48 hours.

Returning to the area after being directed to leave is an arrestable offence.

If an officer suspects the individual to be under the age of 16, they have the right to remove that person to a place of safety, such as the youth’s home address.

Members of the public must provide their name and address if asked by a police officer or a PCSO - failure to do so is a criminal offence.

A Wiltshire Police spokesperson said: “There have been significant reports to Wiltshire Police regarding youths causing ASB in the Warminster town area.

“To assist in driving down ASB, your local Neighbourhood Policing Team Police Inspector, Louise Oakley has authorised a Section 35 dispersal order as one of the many powers open to Wiltshire Police to tackle ASB and criminality.

“Give thought to where your children are.

“Ensure that they are not being drawn into ASB/criminal behaviour and throughout the evening check in with them – Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing?

“If in doubt, ask your child to come home.

“Wiltshire Police require the help of parents/guardians to assist us in delivering safer public spaces and to deter violence against our community.

“If you are a member of public or a business that is experiencing ASB/criminality then please contact us – call 999 if it’s an emergency.”