POLICE in Westbury have warned drivers to be careful when using the road to the town’s White Horse Country Park after someone threw down nails and screws.

It is not known why someone is throwing nails and screws on Coach Road, which links the A350 with Bitham Park and the B3098.

Officers said: “We are aware of more reports of nails and screws having been left along Coach Road in Westbury.

“We put out a public appeal for information regarding this last year but it seems this is still ongoing.

“We would like to remind people that putting sharp objects onto the road not only damages car tyres, causing unnecessary cost and stress to vehicle owners, but the objects also have the ability to injure pedestrians and animals who use that road.

“We would urge the person/s doing this to think carefully about what they are doing and to consider all road users before continuing this dangerous behaviour.

“Anyone with any knowledge of who may be responsible can email WarminsterAreaNPT@wiltshire.police.uk