NIGHT wardens are to patrol the streets of Trowbridge town centre on Friday and Saturday from next month to help tackle violence against women and young girls.

Starting on Friday, May 3, two night wardens from Andover-based Venture Security have been contracted to patrol the streets between 8pm and 4am to help keep pub-goers and clubbers safe.

The move is part of the government's £50 million Safer Streets initiative, with Swindon and Wiltshire being given nearly £1 million last October to make streets safer.

Now Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce is asking the owners and managers of the town’s licensed premises to cooperate by sharing contact details and information with the wardens on duty.

The business body is holding a meeting at the Still Sisters distillery in St George’s Works at 10am on Thursday (April 25) to explain the initiative to local licensees.

Chamber chairwoman Kez Garner said: “The meeting is to bring the licensed premises together to explain and share contact details with the wardens on duty.

“Working together, sharing information, and offering safe spaces will help to improve safety and add back-up to existing police patrols and street pastors.”

Venture Security’s role will be to provide a reassuring presence. Most of the company's work is preventative, supportive and intervention-based.

The night wardens will look out for signs of aggression and distress but are not tasked with dealing with criminal activity.

They are being asked to report any crimes they witness to the local Trowbridge policing team who will then respond.

Kez Garner added: “We need the licensed traders to attend our meeting on Thursday at Still Sisters to discuss and explain how this initiative will work to improve the safety of all working, living and visiting the town centre, particularly women and girls.

“We are campaigning for better lighting and for everyone to report crimes online.

“The Chamber has been involved in discussions with businesses, the town council, Trowbridge Police and Wiltshire Police to discuss all aspects of town centre crime and ways to reduce antisocial behaviour, and to increase the safety of all working, living and visiting by day and after dark.

“It’s been explained to me that we must report every crime or ASB incident we see so the police can get a full picture of when and where the incidents are occurring.

“Phoning police to report non-urgent crimes or expecting a call back or visit from police is not guaranteed but reporting it helps police to target their patrols."