Five drivers have been caught speeding in Wiltshire over the weekend - with three doing over 100mph.

The drivers, stopped between May 10 and 12, were caught by Wiltshire Specialist Operations (WSO) going as fast as 113mph.

The fastest car was a black Ford Puma on stopped on the M4 on May 10. A WSO spokesperson said: “The Puma was chasing the sunset this evening in the M4 113mph towards a marked car on the elevated ramp.”

The driver was reported to court.

Some expressed surprise on social media that the car could go that fast, saying: “Can they do 113? I test drove one a couple of weeks ago and it was a struggle to get the thing moving.”

The next speeders were caught on May 12, around 9.30am. One was driving at 97mph, and the other at 102mph.

Those were reported to the courts. WSO confirmed that ‘national guidance means 96mph and above is heard through the courts.’

The third set of drivers were a blue TVR and a red Saab on the A303. The TVR was travelling at 106mph.

WSO said: “Like hitting 2 clays for #RPU this morning. First the TVR, 106mph at 412m then the Saab!

“Both wanting the prime spot in lane 2 of the A303. Both stopped and reported.”