A lorry driver who underestimated the size and weight of their vehicle caused traffic chaos in Bradford on Avon.

The lorry, belonging to the sustainable logistics provider Calina Group, was spotted attempting to climb Market Street hill in Bradford on Avon on Monday, May 13.

The hill is particularly famous in town for being tight and steep, with many drivers having to practise their hill starts to let passing vehicles through.

Rain on the road caused the lorry to lose traction on the hill and block the entrance in and out of Market Street from the Silver Street roundabout.

The town, which already suffers from heavy traffic due to congested roads, became completely gridlocked and Wiltshire Police were called to the scene to help rescue the vehicle.

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Wiltshire Times: This ambitious Culina lorry caused chaos in Bradford on Avon.

According to officers, the lorry driver should not have attempted to climb the hill in the first place as the vehicle was over the weight limit.

Paperwork was issued to the driver by Wiltshire Police's Road Safety Unit, and the area was cleared shortly after police arrived.

"It was gridlock in Bradford on Avon as this lorry lost traction due to rain, and couldn’t get up the hill they shouldn’t have been going up in the first place," said a spokesperson for Wiltshire Police.