Britain’s biggest dairy company has announced it will be investing tens of millions of pounds into its production sites, including one in Westbury to help it deliver to countries across the globe. 

Arla is investing over £300 million in its production sites across the UK this year and the dairy company has just announced new investments at four UK sites including Lockerbie, Stourton in Staffordshire, Aylesbury and the Wiltshire site.

The new investment is aimed at updating and expanding the dairies and creameries in Westbury to secure the future of the site and allow further export opportunities to be explored, which will see milk turned into powder for consumption in countries around the world.

Arthur Fearnall, Arla Foods UK board director and farmer, said: “We are incredibly proud of today’s announcement, which helps to futureproof the production of British dairy.

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Wiltshire Times:

“We’re excited to see how the plans across our sites progress over the coming years, as we continue to work together to ensure all Arla farmer owners receive the best price for their milk.”

The cooperative, owned by thousands of European dairy farmers, including around 2,000 in the UK, currently operates nine production sites across the country making a range of milk, butter, cheese and other dairy staples.

Arla dairy at Westbury opened in 2002 and each year it produces 80,000 tonnes of butters and spreads and up to 55,000 tonnes of skimmed milk and buttermilk products.

Bas Padberg, managing director of Arla Foods UK, said: “We must also ensure we have a robust food supply chain for the UK market – and this starts with ensuring we can continue to return a fair price back to our farm owners.

“As one of the biggest food companies in the UK, it is only natural that we look for further opportunities to grow, which includes strengthening our export opportunities.”

Last year a highly controversial decision to build a £200 million incinerator next to the Arla factory in Westbury was approved, despite many people and councillors in the town opposing and campaigning against the decision. 

Arla Foods raised concerns about the development in 2021, due to fears the potential emissions and odours could taint their products and eventually force them to close down.