A further 91 homes have been approved for the Rowden Park project in Chippenham.

Wiltshire Council has given the green light on the latest phase of the Rowden Park Garden Village application, which will see up to 1,000 homes constructed on the southern outskirts of Chippenham.

This fourth phase reveals the layout of the homes planned directly to the south of Phase 3, accessed by Patterdown Road.

According to the application, consultation with the Urban Design team led to the lower half of the fourth phase being “comprehensively redesigned in response to comments on the impact of the development upon neighbouring residential amenity, surveillance of car parking courts and secluded ancillary buildings.”

The green corridor to the south of the site has also increased in size compared to the original design.

However, Chippenham Town Council commented: “The amended plans do not appear to go nearly far enough to address the challenges posed by the climate and ecological emergencies, the needs and demands of future occupants that new housing be sustainably constructed and accommodate low carbon features, or the 15 minute neighbourhood.”

According to the developer, Redcliffe Homes, the plans will allow for “streets and spaces that are safe, easy to use and buildings that will be immediately recognised by residents and visitors as being part of the area.”