A WILTSHIRE man is almost halfway through a 3,000-mile hike around the entire coastline of England to raise funds for charity in memory of his wife.

Nick Johnson, from the Deverills near Warminster, set out from Highcliffe Castle in Dorset on his 63rd birthday on Sunday, March 10 to raise £50,000 for Ovarian Cancer Action.

Nick is walking in memory of his late wife, Lisa, who died in August 2023, aged 58, after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2015.

Nick Johnson with LouisNick Johnson with Louis (Image: Freelancer)

He is taking on the epic challenge with his rescue dog, Louis, a five-year-old English Setter, who carries his own backpack.

The duo are heading clockwise around the coast, covering 3,000 miles in total which will take nine months to complete.

Nick said: “I’m walking in memory of Lisa and in the hope that helping Ovarian Cancer Action will ensure that ovarian cancer will be survivable for future generations.

“Today, many women do not know the symptoms and early diagnosis is critical. After living with her cancer for eight years, Lisa felt that she was one of the lucky ones.

“Her diagnosis and condition never defined her, and she lived the fullest life possible following her surgery and continued treatment.”

Nick Johnson's late wife, Lisa, who died in August last year after suffering from ovarian cancer.Nick Johnson's late wife, Lisa, who died in August last year after suffering from ovarian cancer. (Image: Nick Johnson)

Nick has already trekked through Dorset, Cornwall, Devon and Somerset to reach Weston-super-Mare by the end of April.

He was then given a lift to Chester, from where he walked through the Wirral, Lancashire and Cumbria, before heading to Hadrian’s Wall, intending to cross over to the east coast.

But he tripped over a tree root and fell along the way and was forced to spend three days in Carlisle for treatment for a fractured left arm.  

He’s since walked from Berwick on Tweed through Northumbria, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Nick Johnson and Louis are heading south through Norfolk.Nick Johnson and Louis are heading south through Norfolk. (Image: Nick Johnson)

Nick’s now heading south down the Norfolk coast towards Suffolk and Essex. He hopes to finish his challenge by September/October at Highcliffe Castle.

He’s being supported by the Warminster branch of Specsavers, whose team has committed to walking half the distance of Nick’s trip.

In May, they walked a combined total of 3,333,333 steps, the equivalent of 1,500 miles and asked customers and local businesses for sponsorship.

Nick has so far walked more than 1,246 miles and raised over £23,500, and has just under 1,700 miles to go.

He said: “I'm hugely grateful to Specsavers Warminster for their support in helping me reach my fundraising goal.”

To donate and follow Nick and Louis’ progress, click here.