A Trowbridge mum has described how a stranger tried to lure her five-year-old daughter away after school closed for the afternoon.

The incident happened outside the Tesco Express convenience store in Brook Road, Broadmead after the nearby Walwayne Court Primary School closed at 3pm on Tuesday (June 11).

Fortunately, the girl’s mum, Becca Field, was only two steps away and when her daughter Chloe said ‘no’ to the woman she quickly backed off.

Becca, 27, a mother of two from Innox Road, said the woman approached Chloe, asked her to come home with her and said she was beautiful.

“I was stood no more than two steps away from Chloe at the time. Once Chloe had come and stood next to me the woman backed away," she said.

“This woman approached in broad daylight, with people around. My daughter was having a meltdown over me not buying her an ice cream outside of Tesco.

“This lady approached and naively of me, I assumed she was a Good Samaritan approaching to defuse the situation which, if I may add, has happened before, and thank you to those kind people for helping a struggling mother.

“However, after asking my daughter what was wrong, this lady then said “Do you want to come with me? You are so beautiful. Don’t be sad come on, come with me.

“At this point, my daughter said ‘no’ and walked to stand next to me. I was only two steps away thank God. Once my daughter was by my side, this lady backed away.

“She definitely took advantage of the fact that Chloe was upset because I wouldn’t buy her an ice-cream.

“It frightens me so that people are so brazen in their approaches to children that this lady had absolutely no worry that I was stood next to my child. Luckily, we are both ok.”

Ms Field described the woman as white, around 5ft6 with platinum blonde hair cut into a pixie crop. She said she thought the woman may have been Eastern European.

“I have made the police aware, along with nearby schools, to keep everyone’s children safe," she said.

“Whilst I have not received any response from Wiltshire Police, there were a few officers patrolling yesterday at school pick-up.

“I really hope the police take this seriously as it was an extremely scary incident for both me and my child.”

In addition, Sharon Turley, the head of Walwayne Court Primary School, sent a letter to parents and carers urging them to remind their children about ‘stranger danger’.

She said: “We have been made aware of an incident that happened after school yesterday (Tuesday) at Tesco Express in Brook Road where one of our reception class children was approached by a stranger who asked them if they wanted to go home with her.

“Luckily, the child’s parent was nearby and was able to quickly step in.

“The parent has described the person who approached her as a female, who was around 5ft 7 inches and had short, platinum blond hair cut in a pixie style. She possibly had a Romanian or Polish accent.

“The police have been made aware. While we don’t want to scaremonger, we think it is important that we inform you so you can be extra vigilant.

“If your child is in Years 5 or 6 and walks to or from school, please make sure you remind them about stranger danger and what to do if an unknown adult approaches them.”

Wiltshire Police have been approached for comment.