A van blocked a road after its trailer-load of bricks were unloaded early.

The “runaway” bricks blocked the road at the bottom of Winsley Hill, B3108, east of Bradford-on-Avon.

The road was blocked for about an hour around 3pm on June 17. No arrests or injuries were recorded.

An eyewitness said: “A runaway trailer of bricks has blocked the road at the bottom of Winsley Hill at the canal bridge.

"Canal towpath also completely blocked with debris."

A Wiltshire Police spokesperson confirmed: “A van towing a trailer shed its load of bricks on the B3108 resulting in the closure of the road for about an hour.

“There were no related arrests.”

Pictures appear to show the wall of the bridge damaged, resulting in the debris on the towpath and a blue trailer full of disorganised bricks.

The traffic was heavy at the site of the obstruction until at least 4.30pm.