The organisers of a Wiltshire Pride event say thousands of people flooded the town for a “phenomenal” day.

Penny-Louise MacDivitt, the chair of Chippenham Pride, says over 3,500 people attended the group’s second annual event on Saturday, June 15, which boasted a day of activities and entertainment.

She added: “It went really well, we’re happy because people came out in force, especially considering the morning weather.

“The walk was phenomenal and full of colour, the shops got involved and we had a lot of support from big companies which was great.”

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Chippenham Pride 2024Chippenham Pride 2024 (Image: Point 5 Photography)

Plans for the town’s next Pride event are yet to be decided, with the committee searching for more members to help organise any future events.

These roles could involve a range of responsibilities, from two to three hours of work per week, including applying for grants and sponsorship, and running social media accounts.

Ms MacDivitt says organising the last two events with just a handful of committee members was a “monumental effort”, but has made a positive impact on the town.

She added: “It’s a commitment and takes a lot of love and passion.

“There’s still a lot of hatred about the LGBT community, especially around trans people, so it’s still needed.

“It’s massively important to show the community there is support and people can just be themselves.”