Several stores in Wiltshire will become the first in the country to take part in Aldi's trial to peel away plastic waste.

Aldi is the UK's fourth-largest supermarket, but up until now it has traditionally always packaged bananas in a plastic bag.

But now, the supermarket will switch to a paper band alternative on selected banana lines, including its Nature's Pick five-pack, midi bananas and Organic six-pack.

The idea, which is being trialled in Wiltshire, will be rolled out nationally if it's successful, and could save up to 234 tonnes of plastic each year.

The previously plastic-wrapped bananas will now be secured with a paper band.The previously plastic-wrapped bananas will now be secured with a paper band. (Image: Aldi)

"At Aldi, we know how important reducing plastic is to our colleagues, customers and the future of the planet," said Luke Emery, Plastics and Packaging Director at Aldi.

“We are constantly reviewing ways to do this, and this latest trial on our bananas is another great step in that journey.”

An exact list of the Wiltshire stores included in the trial and the official start date is yet to be released, but Aldi has been contacted for more information.

The move is just one of a number of plastic packaging reduction initiatives that Aldi has recently launched, which include introducing thinner bags for its onions (estimated to save 13 tonnes of plastic per year), and replacing non-recyclable packaging on block butter with a paper-based alternative.