The candidates for South West Wiltshire have put in their final bids for residents’ votes.

They are standing to represent the constituency at the general election on Thursday, July 4.

Conservative MP Andrew Murrison has been the member of parliament for the area since 2001.

The new boundaries mean that a considerable section of the south east of the constituency has transferred over to Salisbury, but it has kept its largest towns: Trowbridge, Westbury and Warminster.

Labour candidate, Evelyn Akoto said: “Britain is a great country, but it has been let down over the last 14 years.

From left to right: Evelyn Akoto, Garry Irvin, Andrew Murrison, Bret Palmer, and James Ward. (Image: SWW candidates + Getty)

“The Tories have left the country worse off. Living standards are down, crime goes unpunished, the NHS is on its knees, and food prices continue to rise.

“There’s a clear choice at this election: More decline and division or hope and unity. More chaos with the Tories or change with Labour.

“For the first time in this constituency, Labour can win. The polls are tight. Every vote counts.

“I will advocate for you. Together, we can build a brighter future for South West Wiltshire."

Reform candidate, Garry Irvin said: "As a locally based businessman, I back all Reform’s national aims, including cutting immigration, dis-incentivising the benefits system by making work pay, including scrapping Net Zero policies, achieving energy and financial security for Britain and conserving the environment.

“Reform’s Contract shows how their £160 billion of Savings Pledges cover the costs of their £141 billion Cost Pledges.

“Locally, I will focus on funding a new regional hospital, including A&E, prioritise support for farmers, encourage traditional country pursuits, help small businesses and seek inward investment into the area to rejuvenate town centres and drive housing construction on brownfield sites."

Conservative candidate, Andrew Murrison said: “I’m an ex Serviceman and doctor living near Warminster with my family.

“I’m passionately opposed to the Westbury incinerator. I want a western route bypass and support plans for the new special school at Bitham Park.

“My #TechTrowbridge initiative will bring jobs and prosperity to the county town. A defence minister, I’ve been party to government’s £75 billion defence boost – great for Warminster and improving Army accommodation.

“I want more healthcare delivered in homely settings in the community. I support revitalizing high streets and converting vacant units to quality homes, reducing pressure on green fields between towns and villages.”

Liberal Democrat candidate, Bret Palmer said: “As a consultant doctor at the RUH in Bath and former Town Councillor, I am dedicated to rebuilding the NHS, tackling climate change, and reviving our economy.

“I will work to ensure quality healthcare, promote sustainable practices, and support local businesses.

“Together, we can create a healthier, greener, and more prosperous South West Wiltshire. I am ready to listen to your concerns and work tirelessly on your behalf.

“Thank you for considering my candidacy.”

Independent candidate, James Ward said: “It is likely we shall have a labour government. This means that whichever South West Wiltshire candidate is elected will be a back bencher

“Therefore we need to elect the candidate who will do the best and the most for our area. That person is me.

“I have lived in Trowbridge since 2008.  I am Independent. I have set out my vision and clear pledges to improve every aspect of our constituency to support you.  

“The other candidates have not. They all follow national party lines. For a better South West Wiltshire for you, vote for me. Vote Ward.”

Independent candidate, Thomas Culshaw and the Green Party candidate, Fay Whitfield, were also contacted for comment.