A sought-after vinyl record is expected to sell for around £13,000 in Wiltshire.

The special copy of the Sex Pistols’ God Save The Queen will go under the hammer at Wessex Auction Rooms at 10am on Friday, July 5.

It is one of between 13 and 20 A&M records copies that remain after the label dropped the band and destroyed all other copies of the song following controversy in 1977.

This has long been considered a “Holy Grail” item and one sold in 2019 for £16,400.

The copy up for sale is being sold by a former PA who was allowed to take a handful of records from her drawer when she left the company.

The Sex Pistols record up for sale in WiltshireThe Sex Pistols record up for sale in Wiltshire (Image: Wessex Auction Rooms)

She said: "The current single being sold is my last one.

“I have been holding onto it for sentimental reasons, but I feel now is the time to part company with it.

“I am concerned it might one day go missing or be damaged"

Auctioneer Martin Hughes added: “I am fortunate to have handled the sale of a few of these records over the years, but the story behind this copy has been fascinating.

“This is a true piece of not only music history but of pop culture history that resonates around the world.”