Excavation work is continuing in the garden of a Bradford on Avon house where archaeologists believe evidence of an Iron Age hill fort lies.

A team, led by former Wiltshire archaelogist Roy Canham, started work at the home of Peter and Jane Mann, in Budbury Place, on Monday.

So far they have uncovered a limestone floor, along with 18th century pottery and a fragment of medieval pottery.

Work will continue into next week.

Mr Canham’s team are hoping to find evidence of an outer ditch of what would have been a hill fort in the Budbury area.

Mr Canham said: "There is every chance the Iron Age fort's outer ditch is underneath the floor we have uncovered.

"Because we are unsure about the depths we are using trowels rather than spades. We feel the need to be cautious."

Author and historian Nick McCamley will be giving a talk on the post Second World War slum clearance and council housing in the Tory, Wine Street and Budbury triangle.

The talk will be held in St Margaret’s Hall on Thursday, July 30 from 7.30pm. Tickets from the TIC, Ex Libris or Roy Canham on 01225 866748.