MUM Kelly Jenkins has relived the horrific moments she found her pet dog attacking her five-year-old daughter Lauren.

Mrs Jenkins, 28, had been having a cup of tea at a neighbour’s house in Greenhills, Edington, last Monday afternoon with her daughter Lauren who was happily playing with her neighbour’s children outside.

But she and her friend realised Lauren had strayed back home and had climbed through a window into the living room, where she was set upon by Baker, the family’s French Mastiff.

Mrs Jenkins, who was delighted to bring her daughter home from Frenchay Hospital in Bristol on Friday with only stitches on a wound under her arm following surgery, said she had come screaming into her house when she realised what was happening to her daughter She said: “One of the neighbours children came back and said ‘Lauren hurt herself on the window’ and at first I thought she had hurt her leg on the window or something.

“When I realised what had happened I came into the house screaming and saw her lying there on the floor.

“As soon as Baker saw me he went off into the corner of the room. He knew straight away he had done wrong.

“The other dogs, Clifford, another French Mastiff, and our Jack Russell Scrappy, were barking at him as if they were telling him he was doing wrong.”

The couple had spent the previous weekend in Derbyshire for a Pony Club event with their ten-year-old daughter Abbie and had taken their other children, Jordan, 11, Kerry, nine, Tayla, seven, and Lauren, with them leaving their two French Mastiffs at home with neighbours in charge of seeing to them.

She said neither animal had reacted in an aggressive manor to their friends coming in and out of their home.

Mrs Jenkins said the two Mastiffs, which were from the same litter, had never been aggressive in the past, but she had insisted on having them both destroyed .

She and her husband Paul, 43, believe Baker, who was nearly two years old, saw Lauren climbing in a window and had gone to protect the house without thinking.

Mrs Jenkins said: “I couldn’t have the dogs around after what happened to Lauren. I am just so happy she is okay.

“The whole thing just doesn’t make sense – we still don’t understand why he did it.

“We want to thank the air ambulance staff that flew her to hospital and all the nurses that cared for her at the hospital in Bath and at Bristol Children’s Hospital and Frenchay.”

Mrs Jenkins said she had destroyed photos of both the dogs since the incident but her daughter had been keen that they take the picture of Clifford out of the bin.

She said: “Lauren said that Clifford hadn’t done anything wrong so she wanted his picture.”

Lauren was due to have her stitches out yesterday.