More than 100 learner drivers due to take tests in Chippenham on Wednesday found they had been cancelled due to dangerous driving conditions.

Around 170 tests across the county were postponed due to the ice and snow, with 103 cancelled in Chippenham and 62 in Swindon.

Sam Johnston, 19, a Keele University student from Trowbridge Road, Bradford on Avon, was due to take his test on Wednesday.

He said: “Looking at the weather it’s kind of quite obvious why they cancelled it.

“If the test had been the day before it would have been fine but overnight it’s gone from fine to awful.

“I’ve been taking lessons on and off for the past two years, just whenever I have spare time, but this is my second test.

“I’m at university so I suppose the next time I will be able to take it will be some time over the Easter holidays when I next come back home. It’s quite a long wait.”

Instructor Matthew Carlsson of Church Farm Driving School in Lyneham, said one of his pupils had been affected by the cancellations. He said: “It wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be in the end. We had one cancellation, but she was very pragmatic about it and I think she expected it.

“We went to the test centre in Chippenham and you couldn’t see the lines in the bays, so it wouldn’t have been a fair test.

“The side roads were pretty treacherous too so manoeuvres would have been difficult. I think the Agency did the right thing.”

Instructor Keith Farrow, from the Quikpass Driving School in Chippenham, said it was essential tests were cancelled.

He said: “Fortunately I didn’t have any tests booked, but I was affected last year with a similar situation.

“It’s unfortunate but it happens. It has to be a fair test for the pupils, and of course they don’t get a chance to practise in these conditions.

“Imagine if you have never driven in snow or ice before, it wouldn’t be a fair test.”

A spokesman for the Driving Standards Agency said: “We have been re-scheduling these tests into all available slots.

“Our customers don’t need to take any action, they will be automatically rebooked. If they find the new time is not to their liking they can change it online.”