The first two teams in the Wiltshire Times Bring on the Booty competition are raring to go, ahead of the challenge in which they will be on the look-out for bargains at car boot sales.

Readers who are to take part in the competition will form eight teams, who will seek out bargains at local boot sales which are then to be sold at Jubilee Auction Rooms in Pewsey on August 11.

There will be two teams competing each week over four weekend mornings in July and August and the first will be on Sunday at Lacock car boot sale.

Friends Julianne Colbran and Barbara Stephenson will battle it out against married couple Marina and Jamie Greenman.

Mrs Colbran, of Downside Park, Trowbridge, said: “We go every weekend to car boot sales without fail. I love hunting for stuff and I enjoy researching the things I find. The competition will be lots of fun and all in the name of charity. We’ll give our profits away.”

Mrs Colbran, a former plant nursery owner, particularly likes collecting Czech glass and children’s books.

She took up book collecting so she can resell them on auction website eBay to help her financially while she cares for her 86-year-old mother.

The teams will be given £50 each and a time limit of 90 minutes to find and buy what they think are the best bargains.

Those who make more than £50 will be able to keep their profit, but the original £50 will go to the Wiltshire Times’ Help for Heroes appeal.

Mrs Greenman, 35, of The Parade, Hornchurch Road, Melksham, said: “It is for a good cause and they need to raise more money all of the time. Me and my husband like doing car boot sales and we have a three-year-old who likes to look around too.

“There’s not much to do on a Sunday so you’ll often find us down at Lacock, Semington or Seend. Sometimes I can do all three in one Sunday. I am particularly interested in silverware but we often look for bargains.

Mrs Greenman, who works part-time as a cleaner, will be joined by her lorry driver husband Jamie, 36, to whom she has been married to for four years.

The pressure will be on to find items of value, but if a team loses money then whatever money remains will be donated to the forces’ charity.

* Follow their progress and find out about the next set of contestants in next week’s Wiltshire Times. To be considered for one of the remaining boot sales, email