Bright orange lights in the sky over Trowbridge and Melksham have been recorded by residents over the weekend.

Last week the Wiltshire Times told how Phil Deverall saw strange orange lights while driving home to Semington along the bypass from Melksham on Sunday July 11 at about 10.45pm.

More people have contacted the paper this week to tell us of similar sightings in the county’s skies on Sunday.

Richard Dawe, of Painters Mead in Paxcroft Mead, saw two separate groups of lights between 10.45pm and 11pm.

He said: “Travelling from west to east in the sky was a cluster of orange lights.

“There were about four lights attached to a rectangular structure which were moving quite slowly.” The lights appeared to be over Salisbury Plain before gradually moving eastwards and fading into one light.

Cara Bryant, 27, of Somerset Crescent, Melksham, also saw bright orange lights at about 10.25pm while talking to her grandmother on the phone.

She said: “As we were talking my nan said ‘what the hell’ and told me to go and look in the sky. We both went outside and in the sky were five bright large orange round balls of light.

“They came across the roofs and then they were gone.

“Then we saw five more, but one at a time. They were smaller then the first lot.”

Roger White, 67, of Imber Road, Bratton, called the Wiltshire Times to say that he has seen similar lights on four occasions in the last 10 years.

He said: “It started in 2000 when I was working in Southwick.

“I got the feeling that something was watching me so I turned round and there was an orange orb.

“It went behind the tree line and gradually gained height.

“Then in November last year I saw an orange orb along the West Ashton to Trowbridge road. It went towards Trowbridge and then just disappeared “Also on Christmas Eve last year I took the dog into the back garden and there was a massive orb pulsating and then it just blinked out.

“A week later I was in my garden again facing north and another orb shot off to the west.”

Last summer the Wiltshire Times published photographs by Westbury resident John Powell, 57, which showed a Hercules from RAF Lyneham being trailed by a mysterious vehicle.

These pictures ended up at various newspapers across the globe appearing on Indian, American and Indonesian TV, as well as newspapers in Australia.

Anyone else with similar experiences should call the Wiltshire Times news desk on (01225) 773638.

Wiltshire Police have not received any reports of mystery lights.