Frustrated residents in a Westbury street say irresponsible dog walkers are making the road an unsavoury place to live.

Hussein Alibhai, who lives with his wife Ummul-Baneen, 34, and their six-year-old son Hasnain, in Windsor Drive, say dog owners are failing to clear up after their animals.

The 38-year-old, who moved to Westbury from Swindon in July, said: “Usually I ignore this sort of thing but I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

“It’s a busy pathway so you expect dog walkers but they don’t clear up after their dogs. It’s becoming a huge problem.

“I’m not against people walking their dogs but they should be more responsible for their animals.

“Many people walk their dogs to the fields nearby but there are no signs to say you should clear up after your dog or you’ll be fined.”

The GP, who works at Court Yard doctor’s surgery in West Lavington, is worried about the risk of disease from dog mess left on the pavements.

He said: “My son likes to play outside with other neighbours’ children but I’m worried because dog mess carries disease.

“My wife went to work in the morning last week and it was dark and she walked in some dog mess which she didn’t see. She had to change her shoes and her trousers, it’s just a real nuisance.”

Wiltshire Council has issued six £80 fixed penalty notices to irresponsible dog owners across the county since last April, and is urging residents to report any dog fouling to its dog warden on 01225 776655.

A spokesman for the council said: “We have asked our dog warden to patrol the area of Windsor Drive to clamp down on the problem.

“We will also be putting up some signs to remind dog owners that failing to clear up after their dogs is illegal and can result in a fine.

“We do have the power to issue fixed penalty notices but it needs to be witnessed by one of our officers or members of the public can put details of the incident in writing to the council.”

Write to Wiltshire Council’s dog warden at Public Protection (West), Wiltshire Council, Bradley Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 0RD.