A group of sculptors will be making scrap into art, creating a sculpture trail in woodland at Stourhead Gardens.

The Scraptors are four West Country artists who specialise in making sculptures from scrap sourced from skips, roadsides and recycling yards.

Heytesbury sculptor Anthony Wilson and Somerset artists Paul Boswell, Rachel Macleay and Fiona Campbell will install a trail by the ponds and in the woods of Stourhead House.

The National Trust-run property wants to encourage visitors to explore the estate beyond the world famous gardens.

Mr Wilson, who will provide sculptures including giant frogs, a spider on a web and a three-foot high Hercules, said: “The whole idea is to get visitors to explore the woods.

“I have visited Stourhead all my life but I must admit I had never been in the woods there.”

The 61-year-old, who has been working with scrap for eight years, added: “The great thing about scrap is it’s affordable and also it’s a great way of recycling. You can also get some very interesting pieces.

“Either I get a commission or look for items that would work well. For example, London Zoo commissioned a frog sculpture. The key thing with a frog is the mouth so I used a TV satellite dish.

“Sometimes you’ll find scrap and it inspires you to make a particular sculpture.”

The artists will also be creating some colourful and large pieces for the trail.

Fiona Campbell is making wire insects and various suspended cocoons, while Paul Boswell and Rachel Macleay will be creating a hermitage from materials found on the estate.

For more information about the trail, which starts in September, visit www.sculpturemad.com.