When pub landlady Janet Harris was asked to create a wedding cake, she impressed the bride and groom with a creation made from cheese.

Her five-tiered dairy stack was such a hit with wedding guests at the Farmhouse in Southwick that she now plans to offer more of them at catered events at the pub.

The happy couple, Adrian and Sarah Cooper, from Trowbridge, were treated to layers of Cornish Yarg, Wensleydale and cranberry, Shropshire blue and goats cheese on a base of farmhouse cheddar.

Each layer was held together using Babybel mini cheeses and was finished with grapes and radishes carved into roses.

Mrs Harris, who took over the pub last month, said: “I wanted to do something a bit different and when Adrian and Sarah agreed that it was what they wanted, we went ahead.

“It didn’t take our chef, Brian Clanahan, long at all, perhaps only an hour. Then, when it was done I adorned it with grapes for the finishing touch. The couple couldn’t believe it when they saw it. It surpassed all of their expectations.”

Mrs Cooper, nee Arnold, said: “When the pub approached us with the idea of doing a wedding cake that was a bit different, I just went along with the idea because I knew how much Adrian loves cheese. But when it arrived I was very impressed.

“The guests loved it and they talked about it a lot.”

The pair met five years ago, when they both worked at the Gillerson Pine furniture makers in Trowbridge, where Mr Cooper still works.

Mrs Cooper has since moved to work part-time at the town’s Next store.

They have a daughter, Sienna, two.

Mrs Cooper is originally from Bradford on Avon, while her husband grew up in Melksham.

She said: “All of the cheeses went down a treat with Adrian, but his favourite was the blue cheese.”