THE mother of teenager Kayleigh-Ann Thompson has criticised the suicide verdict at an inquest into her death.

The 19-year-old was found dead at her flat in Primmers Place, Westbury, on October 12 last year, but mum Joanne Thompson believes her daughter did not mean to take her own life and that the suicide attempt was just a cry for help.

Miss Thompson, who attended Bitham Brook and Bratton Primary School, and later John of Gaunt School, hoped to become a hairdresser and had completed an NVQ level two at Wiltshire College in Trowbridge the year before. She was due to start her NVQ level three later in the year.

Coroner David Ridley recorded a verdict of suicide after a four-and-a-half hour hearing on Wednesday.

Mrs Thompson, of Hackney Way, Westbury, said: “The coroner has made up his own mind but he didn’t know her, and I think the outcome was completely wrong. Kayleigh could be quite fretful, and she was stubborn, she would say things if she was in a mood.

“She might go to a doctor and say she was depressed, and they would give her medication, but she would feel better later and not go back.

“I think she did this thinking the police would come in and save her, and we would all find out about it. It was attention-seeking. She loved her brothers, she would never have wanted to leave them behind.”

Mrs Thompson is angry police, who were unable to break into the flat didn’t call the fire brigade but waited 23 minutes for an armed response unit to arrive with door-opening equipment.

She said: “It isn’t going to bring her back but we don’t want this to happen again. When someone’s life is at stake surely everything possible should be done? The fire brigade would have got there quicker and could have got in the window.”

Chief inspector Adrian Griffiths told the inquest an investigation concluded no procedural changes were needed as the response time was as quick as could be expected and officers had never encountered such a secure door. He said door-opening equipment is too heavy for general issue, and requires special training.