Charity knitters making a scarf nearly two miles long for Dorothy House Hospice had a woolly good turnout at their latest catch-up meeting on Wednesday, with one woman making a huge contribution.

Fundraisers supporting the Knit One Help One campaign, which began at the start of the year, met at The Rising Sun, in Winsley Road, to check the progress of the scarf, which will span just under two miles from the pub to the Winsley hospice.

Around 50 people have been contributing to the scarf, which is now 750 metres long.

Bradford on Avon woman Joyce Taylor recently contributed a segment about the size of a large car tyre.

Organiser landlady Liz Northeast said: “I’m totally amazed by Mrs Taylor’s contribution.

“She rang up after the first article in the Wiltshire Times and I just said ‘Keep going’ and she asked if I was sure, but I didn’t realise it was anywhere near this big.

“It is amazing that something as huge as this could have been done by one person although every little helps and all donations are welcome.”

Mrs Northeast said the scarf is now a quarter complete and if all the segments were spread out, the scarf would reach to Downsview.

So far, the pub has raised around £300 for Dorothy House through sponsorship, and when the scarf is completed, some segments will be sold to raise more money.

Others will be donated as blankets to animal charities.

Contributions to the scarf, which have come from knitting groups in Corsham, War-minster and Atworth, are being kept in the Rising Sun’s spare room.

One contributor Sheila Watson said: “Dot House was so good to my mum when she had cancer and even though I don’t really knit, I wanted to do something and get involved with this really good cause.”

Mrs Northeast said the campaign was still welcoming donations of wool, sponsorship towards Knit One Help One and contributions to the scarf.

She said: “Everything is going well, but we can’t say when it will be complete as it just depends how enthusiastic everyone is.

“So the more people who come forward the quicker it will be completed.”

For more information, to donate wool or money, call the Rising Sun on 01225 862354.