A Trowbridge street drinker who broke the rules of his Anti-Social Behaviour Order twice in less than a week after it was issued could face deportation or imprisonment if his unruly behaviour continues.

Homeless Marek Stanis, 42, was banned from Trowbridge Park, Riverside Walk and from drinking alcohol in the town centre for three years as part of an anti-social behaviour order issued by magistrates at North Wiltshire Magistrates’ Court on June 19.

But less than 48 hours later he was arrested for breaching his ASBO after being found drinking at Trowbridge railway station at 3pm.

He was remanded in custody over the weekend until a Polish interpreter could be found, then on Monday he was given a £150 fine and order to pay £15 as a victim surcharge, but the fine was remitted on account of the time Stanis spent in custody.

One day later, on Tuesday at 10.42am, Stanis was arrested and charged again for breaching his ASBO, this time accused of drinking in Union Street.

Piotr Stec, 36, a fellow street drinker of no fixed abode, was also arrested and charged for the same offence, and the pair are due to appear before North Wiltshire Magistrates Court on August 16 to face the charges.

An application for a deportation order is being explored by police with the Border Agency, while a judge could also ultimately rule up to five years’ imprisonment for the breach of an ASBO.

The men are two of a dozen homeless drinkers in Trowbridge who are being closely monitored by police, the council and support charities.

Insp Lisette Harvey, for the Trowbridge, Melksham and Bradford on Avon sector, says working with the drinkers to seek help is just as important as tough enforcement action.

She said: “We have got to be grown-up about the fact that we have got people in our midst who need help because for some reason they find themselves in a difficult place.

“We need a broad approach. Obviously we have to police these issues but at the end of the day they are vulnerable people. Helping them will help to make our community safer for everyone else. I have been in post for just over a month now and there has not been a day where we have not had a call related to the street drinkers. It takes up a lot of police time because we have to respond and deal with whatever we face.”

Support worker Andrew Davidson, from the Wiltshire Addiction Support Project, said he was hopeful the pair can be put on a detox programme to get them off alcohol.

Mr Davidson said: “We held an action day recently for people with alcohol and drug dependency problems and all the people we saw asked for help. Some of them have complex health problems, so it is not an easy process.”