IF speed limits are not reduced along the B3108 Winsley bypass, it is only a matter of time before someone on the narrow footpath there is killed, says a Wiltshire councillor.

Cllr Johnny Kidney is leading the campaign to try and get the speed limit on the Winsley Road into Bradford on Avon reduced from 50mph to 40mph and then from 40mph to 30mph, following a string of

crashes and near misses there.

Members of the community have raised concerns about the issue with Cllr Kidney, and pointed out that St Laurence School pupils who use the narrow footpath are at risk from speeding drivers.

Wiltshire Council has already repainted the faded lines and put a large ‘slow’ sign on the road and the parish council, the authority and Bradford Town Council are now working together to tackle the issue.

“I am happy that we got the lines painted late last month but the speed limits have to come down for people’s safety. It is only a matter of time before someone along that stretch is killed by a speeding driver,” said Cllr Kidney, who also sits on Winsley Parish Council.

“This is a very fast stretch. A lot of people have had accidents and there have been many near misses.

“This is one of the biggest issues Winsley faces. That narrow footpath has a big wall next to it and when cars come bombing down there it can be very scary.

“I have young children that are not old enough to go to school yet but when they are, I am petrified about them walking to school along that road.”

Bradford on Avon Wiltshire Cllr Jim Lynch said: “I am fully supportive of campaigning for action on this issue.

“This is something where I, a Liberal Democrat, and Johnny, a Conservative, can put aside our political differences and work together.”

“People have come to me raising concerns about this. Speeding issues in Winsley become speeding issues in Bradford.”

A Wiltshire Council spokesman said: “We constantly monitor our roads so we can programme appropriate work to help improve safety.

“There are no plans to reduce the speed limits here at this time as it is felt they are appropriate, however following input from the Bradford Community Area Transport Group, the road markings were revised, and some rumble strips and extra signs were installed at the roundabout on the eastern end of the bypass.”

“We have a good relationship with Wiltshire Council and we are getting there but it is an arduous process. We welcome the support of the town council too.”