A mountain biker has been flown to hospital by air ambulance after suffering spinal injuries at Longleat forest.

The bike rider was involved in an accident at the Wind Hill Bike Park at around 12.30pm on Sunday, January 29, but was fortunate that a Wiltshire Search and Rescue team was nearby, carrying out a training exercise in the forest.

Alongside crew members from Hampshire Search and Rescue and Avon and Somerset Search and Cliff Rescue, they were able to provide medical care for the victim.

Wiltshire Times: The victim was flown to hospital in Southampton.The victim was flown to hospital in Southampton. (Image: Wiltshire Search and Rescue)

The cyclist was loaded onto a stretcher and carried to a track where he was picked up by a search and rescue 4x4, which transported him from the woods.

The biker was then transferred onto a waiting air ambulance, which flew him to hospital in Southampton. His current condition is unknown.

Wiltshire Search and Rescue is a voluntary organisation made up of over 70 members.

The group's chair, Adrian Sawyer, said: "Having all the volunteers in the right place, trained to the same standard and being able to respond immediately shows just why Wiltshire Search and Rescue is such an important resource. We wish the patient all the best in his recovery.”

Wiltshire Police and ambulance crews also attended the scene to assist the evacuation of the victim.

Wiltshire Police has been contacted for comment.