FOR many, taking a walk through Trowbridge in their lunch hour offers nothing more than a welcomed break from work.

But for Pat Connor, wandering through the streets of the county town while on break from Knees allowed him to capture the town in a light most would probably not remember.

It was in from the early 1960s to 1989 that the 92-year-old was able to photograph the construction of many developments in the town including The Shires car park and the Tesco old site at St Stephens Place.

He said he felt lucky to document how those early days have transformed the way people shop in Trowbridge today.

“I had my own dark room and I used to enjoy taking my camera to work and during lunchtime say between 1-2pm, I used to walk around the town and take photos of the way things were back then,” Mr Connor added.

"I found a lot of things and views that normally people didn’t realise were there.”

Mr Connor first got into photography while he worked at Knees where he stayed for 25 years and it was after suffering two major heart attacks in 2001 that he put his love of photos on hold to recover.

Since then, Mr Connor has dedicated his time to raising money for Dorothy House who cared for his late wife Evelyn by playing keyboard at events but said he still misses his photography.

"Trowbridge has changed a lot since I took the photos especially with the shopping centre,” he added.

"I can remember when we had our first supermarket which is where Lloyds is now.

"I took photos of the church after the roof caught fire so I have quite a few different ones. A lot of my images are taken from the staff room at Knees on the fourth floor and you could see all around.

"A lot of the pictures reflect the town when people were busy working on it and putting down these foundations to make it what it is today.”