A 17-metre long footpath that has been made into a designated cycle path has been branded as a ‘waste of money’ by a Trowbridge resident.

Alan Cooper, of Broadcloth Lane, has criticised Wiltshire Council for wasting its money setting up the cycle path, which runs from the end of Longfield Road to the end of Cheviot Close, with a junction to Biss Meadows.

Despite its short length, it has three new poles, with six signs and nine painted symbols on the ground, all of which has cost £10,000.

Although Mr Cooper is all for the authority putting in cycle paths in the town, he says that this money should have been spent elsewhere.

“This is a total waste of money for a council that is supposed to be short of money – I do not see the positive side of this,” he said.

“17m is just so short, what is the point of it? Thousands of pounds on something that is very, very short.

“Wiltshire Council are ticking off something that is easy to do so that the highways team can say they are addressing this issue.

“Cyclists in Trowbridge feel at liberty to cycle on any footpath and I have never read of anyone being prosecuted. I am sure there are much more risky places that could benefit from a formal cycle path.

“You could argue that this could cause more accidents as there is not a pedestrian lane and a cycle lane to separate people.

“A lot of people walk down there but not many cyclists at all.

“I am sure there are other places that could do with something like this, but this is just not the right place for it. It is not a danger spot.

“They have done all this paintwork, put up signs and poles – what a load of clutter. I am sure this could have gone on something more appropriate or for services that are being cut, for which there are an ever growing list of things, which is troubling.”

Wiltshire councillor Ernie Clark, who cycles regularly, also questioned whether this was a good move.

“It seems rather odd to make this decision. I personally feel it is better to have more cycling paths, but 17m is a bit comical,” he said.

A Wiltshire Council spokesman said: “This path has been used by cyclists for many years, however we wanted to ensure it was appropriately signed and wide enough to be safely used by both pedestrians and cyclists – especially because it is now used more regularly due to the nearby housing estate.

“The £10,000 scheme was funded from a local housing development which specified it had to be spent on pedestrian/cycle links in the vicinity of the site.

“This was the only viable scheme which fitted the criteria and budget.”