A PART-TIME student from Trowbridge who struggled with dyslexia has completed her PhD in social and policy sciences from Bath University.

Helen Ross, of Green Lane, received her doctorate in December, after four years of study, as part of the university's winter graduations.

The 36-year-old, who used to teach maths and French, became disillusioned with Government education policy as she felt it placed unrealistic expectations on pupils, given their backgrounds and educational needs.

After spending two days a week at uni and three days working in schools in Wiltshire, she is now enjoying a full time job at Stonar School as the head of learning support.

"I’m so, so proud to have finished. Come hell or high water every day I was working on my PhD I made sure I did a full day’s work, and then managed to do a lot of catching up in the school holidays," she said.

"My dyslexia affects my reading mainly. The PhD requires a lot of reading so it took me a lot longer to do. Sometimes I have to read it out loud, if there is less things to look at on the page, that makes it easier.

"I’m so lucky that my supervisor Tina Skinner took a chance on me, and my colleagues at work have been amazing, they are such a lovely team and have been so supportive, with lots of cups of tea and literally shoulders to cry on. My husband, parents and my in-laws have all been amazing."