YOUNGSTERS from the police and army cadets of Trowbridge joined local councillors in collecting 26 bags of rubbish by the banks of the River Biss on Sunday.

From 10am-1.30pm, nearly 20 helpers worked there way from Cradle Bridge, picking up litter as they went, up to the town bridge, 500m or so away.

And to thank them for their troubles, Tesco Extra staff at County Way gave them food and refreshments too.

“It is extremely pleasing to see youngsters willing to put themselves out for the benefit of the town with no thought of reward,” said Cllr Geoff Whiffen.

“I am extremely grateful to all who turned out to collect the 26 bags of rubbish and retrieve the two trollies vandals put in the river.

“I would encourage all residents to help clean up the town whenever and wherever possible as the local authorities do not have the necessary finance to complete these task.

“There was all sorts of rubbish down there, but I think we did a really good job. There was a real good sense of teamwork going on.”