STINGING criticism has been directed at Selwood Housing by a Trowbridge pensioner for failing to cover up a hole in her wall over the course of a month.

On March 9, a team employed by Selwood Housing went to Betty Prince’s home in College Road and removed her old storage heater and installed new gas central heating and radiators.

However when one radiator was moved along her wall, a large square hole was revealed where the old heater had been.

Despite calling many times over several weeks, the 82-year-old got no response from Selwood, much to her annoyance.

“It is a real eye-sore. It looks really bad and try as I might, they still haven’t come and sorted it,” she said.

“I have called them so many times and at first they said they would do it right away, then it was 48 hours, then it was a week and now nearly a month on, there has been no change.

“It is lucky that I bumped into one of the workers last week in Studley Green estate. He said he would look into it and sure enough, he is coming round with his team to fix it this week.

“But I still have not heard from Selwood Housing for at least two weeks now. I don’t want special treatment but I think it is important to hold people to account because this is not on.”

A Selwood Housing spokesman said: “As part of heating upgrade works in Trowbridge, Mrs. Prince’s old storage heater was removed and new gas central heating, including radiators, were installed. This uncovered a hole in the wall - an air circulation gap, previously covered by the storage heater. Our operative advised that follow-up decorative works would be arranged.A multi-trade operative from our repairs team will be attending the property on April 5 to fix the issue and make good the wall.”