MORE than 330 people have signed a petition to stop a South West-based housing developer accessing a Trowbridge estate to build hundreds of new homes.

Residents of South View Park are objecting strongly to their estate being used for access by construction traffic for the nearby Wainhomes (South West) housing development.

The company wants to build on land at Southview Farm to the west of Drynham Lane and to the east of Eagle Park.

It is for a mix of three-bedroomed semi-detached and three, four and five-bedroomed detached homes, and two-bedroomed apartments, plus associated infrastructure including roads, footpaths, a bridge, cycleway, garages and an electricity sub-station.

A second application by the company is for 113 new homes on land south-east of Southview Park comprising a mix of one, two, three and four-bedroomed units of both open market and affordable dwellings.

These would be accompanied by associated infrastructure including roads, footpaths, a bridge, cycleway, garages and substation and bat mitigation area.

Despite Wainhomes lodging the two applications in 2016 and 2017, they are still under consultation and have yet to be decided by Wiltshire Council.

Residents of South View Park Committee says HGVs and noise from daily construction traffic would be detrimental to the residents already living on the estate.

Their petition states: “Residents of South View Park have been subjected to an unfinished development for eight years plus as the developer Wainhomes has been allowed to stop and start works as and when they please delaying completion all the time.

“As the development finally nears completion they are still trying to push through two applications very similar to each other to build another 91 or more houses.

“South View Park residents are not against the building of the houses but what we strongly object to is the access for the new development being via South View Park which was not built for construction traffic, buses or road traffic for another 91-plus cars.

“Wainhomes have been told they must use the access from West Ashton; however they are trying to take a shortcut and don’t mind putting the current residents and community’s health and safety at risk let alone potential risk to pets and cars.”

“We cannot live in a building site for any longer. None of us were told about this application when we bought our homes or that Wainhomes would try and use the estate as access to their new site."

Jo Scott, group marketing director for Wainhomes (South West) of Clyst Honiton near Exeter, said if residents wished to object they should contact Wiltshire Council.

The residents group is urging people to comment on Wainhomes’ plans on Wiltshire Council’s planning website.

To sign the petition go to