ORGANISATIONS and community groups in Melksham are going to work together to tackle the town’s drug, drink and anti-social behaviour issues.

The town’s mayor, Cllr Adrienne Westbrook, said they had an “excellent” meeting on January 25 to discuss the issues relating to anti-social behaviour and associated crime in Melksham.

Around 15 different community groups and organisations, including Wiltshire Police, Melksham Town Council, Wiltshire Council, Melksham Oak Community School, Motiv8, community youth service and young offenders teams, attended the meeting.

Cllr Westbrook said the discussions were “too sensitive” to reveal in detail but the groups present had pledged to work together to tackle the key issues.

She added: “We had an excellent meeting. It was very useful to get the people together to discuss the issues.

“It was a private meeting which lasted one and a quarter hours and we had a very open discussion and highlighted areas where we feel there is an issue.

“There will be some changes in the way people work. We will be working together as a partnership to try and alleviate these problems. There will be action taken.”

Community police in Melksham have vowed to crack down on anti-social behaviour after a series of incidents in the town, some of which are linked to low-level drug-taking and alcohol abuse.

The move follows a number of incidents of vandalism and criminal damage in various areas of the town, but mainly in the Hampshire Place and Devonshire Place areas.

Melksham and the surrounding villages are also plagued by small-scale burglaries and thefts as well as damage to cars. Police believe a small number of people are involved in committing the crimes.

They say they will not allow the anti-social behaviour by a few people to ruin the community for the majority.

Community co-ordinator PC Charly Chilton said: “I’d like residents to know that we are aware of the anti-social behaviour in the town. We have identified three youths who we believe have been involved and are dealing with appropriately.

“Anti-social behaviour has been set as a priority and as a result we have increased patrols, so residents can expect to see a heightened police presence in the area over coming weeks as we look to deal with any unacceptable behaviour.

“We want local people to feel pride in their community, and we will not allow a small number of people ruin it for others.”

They are urging residents to call 101 to report crime in their area, or 999 in an emergency.