Shoppers looking for the cheeky gift for ex-stoner friends will be able to buy a 'Grow your own marijuana' set that looks and smells like the illegal plant.

The kit is now available online and are produced by company Gift Republic and packs includes seeds and biodegradable incubation pots.

However online the company makes it clear the seeds inside the box ARE NOT marijuana, but in fact seeds for the Cleome plant, which simply looks and smells like the illegal drug.

The kit is being sold online for £9.99 by gift web retailers Firebox.

A spokesperson said: “We've all thought about it, and now you can fulfil the dreams of your late-teens and Grow Your Own Marijuana.

“Okay so it's not actually marijuana, it's Cleome – a copy-cat plant that looks and smells exactly like the real thing.

"It certainly fooled us! We'll never get that afternoon back...”

They added: “The neighbours should be peering nervously into your garden within a couple of months.”

The company also says the set will go from “seed to weed in just a few weeks” and will “let the neighbours think you're a laid back drug dealer”.

The website adds: “The ideal gift for one of your jittery ex-stoner friends.

“This box contains everything they'll need to grow Cleome - the copy cat plant which looks and smells like the real deal, without the hassle of law enforcement.”

The packaging does warn people that “all contents of this pack are not for human consumption in any form”.

It also adds the images shown are for "illustrative purposes only" and that it is “a novelty gift and must be regarded as such”.