Forget man’s best friend – a pug named Pancake proved to be the perfect pal for a dog more than twice his size who was too afraid to leave its kennel.

One-year-old Fraser, a large cane corso with cropped ears and a docked tail, had a nervous disposition, despite what some may consider an intimidating appearance.

But six-month-old Pancake’s confidence rubbed off on his new larger companion, making the unlikely pairing the best of friends, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home said.

Footage shows the two animals, dubbed Little and Large by the home, playfully running around after each other.

Fraser (left) came out of his shell after befriending Pancake the Pug (Battersea Dogs & Cats Home/PA)
Fraser (left) came out of his shell after befriending Pancake the pug (Battersea Dogs & Cats Home/PA)

Elizabeth Kidd, a canine behaviourist at Battersea, said: “Although Pancake and Fraser didn’t appear to be the most likely pairing, it was heart-warming to see how well they got along.

“Little Pancake really taught Fraser how to be a brave dog and be more confident in himself.

“Fraser really thrived in his friendship with Pancake, helping him to come out of his shell.”

Pancake has been adopted by Ms Kidd, and Fraser, who was taken to Battersea by his owners when they could no longer look after him, is in need of a new place to live too. Anyone interested can visit