With the nation being asked to stay at home that little bit longer, Aldi and Lidl are both focusing on making your home that little bit more comfortable. 

The budget supermarket chains have both revealed a range of new products being made available this weekend. 

Here is a round-up of some of the best deals you can find.


This week, Lidl are focussing on home comforts to make you home more comfortable, from bedding to doormats.

These include:

Wiltshire Times: Slumberdown Get Cosy Bedding & Double Mattress Protector. (LIDL)Slumberdown Get Cosy Bedding & Double Mattress Protector. (LIDL)


This Slumberdown Get Cosy Bedding & Double Mattress Protector provides superior protection for your mattress and cosy comfort to ensure a better sleep for you and your family, all year round. Available in Lidl for £6.99.

Wiltshire Times: Slumberdown Get Cosy Pillow Protectors. (LIDL)Slumberdown Get Cosy Pillow Protectors. (LIDL)


The Slumberdown Get Cosy Pillow Protectors are available in Lidl for £3.99.

Wiltshire Times: Doormat. (LIDL)Doormat. (LIDL)

With excellent scraping properties – helps to remove dirt and moisture from entering your home and keep your floors clean! There are a number of doormats available including Welsh and Scottish versions, all costing £4.99.

Find more deals at Lidl.co.uk.


This weekend Aldi are focussing on working from home, it seems it may be a while before everyone is back in the office so why not make the comfort of working from home even more comfortable. 

These include:

Wiltshire Times: HUT 8 WZ Keyboard & Mouse. (Aldi)HUT 8 WZ Keyboard & Mouse. (Aldi)

The HUT 8 WZ Keyboard & Mouse is the perfect addition to your home office to make your work easier. Teh set costs £24.99 but is only available online.

Wiltshire Times: Canon Printer MG2550S. (Aldi)Canon Printer MG2550S. (Aldi)


The Canon Printer MG2550S is available this week for £24.99. Copy, print and scan with an affordable all-in-one printer with 12 months warranty included. 

Wiltshire Times: Script Silver Wire Stationery. (Aldi)Script Silver Wire Stationery. (Aldi)


Kepp your home work space organised with this Script Silver Wire Stationery. Available at Aldi for £9.99.

Find out more at Aldi.co.uk.​