When it comes to buying shampoo, I like to stick to what I know works well for me, because as we all know, there’s nothing worse than trying a new one and it doesn’t do the job.

I’ve woken up countless times to extremely dry hair or a contrastingly greasy scalp when I’ve decided to pick up a new brand I’ve seen on offer when doing the weekly shop.

But at the same time, when you see a shampoo with a price slash in the latest supermarket deals, it can be quite tempting to buy if your usual go-to is double the price.

However, I do try to prevent myself from stocking up on shampoo bottles, because we all know the large quantities of plastic they provide are causing more harm to our environment every day.

That’s why when I was scrolling through my Instagram stories a few weeks ago, a recommendation from non-other than home inspiration expert Stacey Solomon caught my attention.

The Sort Your Life Out presenter was showing a collection of products from women-owned hair brand REHAB.

I noticed the Loose Woman presenter talking about the company’s dissolvable shampoo sheets which I was oddly very intrigued about.

To see whether this could be the welcome shampoo change I needed, I gave the REHAB Shampoo Sheets a go, but did they just turn into a handful of goo or did they give my hair the wash I’ve been craving?

Wiltshire Times: The REHAB Shampoo Sheets box comes with 25 sachetsThe REHAB Shampoo Sheets box comes with 25 sachets (Image: Newsquest)

What are the REHAB Shampoo Sheets recommended by Stacey Solomon?

Firstly, this shampoo product is vegan and cruelty-free, as well as free from sulphates, plastic, and parabens.

The REHAB website adds: “Meet the revolutionising chic, ZERO waste shampoo. 25 sheets included in each box.

“Formulated with Rosemary Oil, known to promote stronger, fuller-looking, healthy hair, together with nourishing Olive Oil and Calendula Oil.

“This single-use shampoo sheet instantly disappears in your hands as it lathers to a foamy shampoo with water. The shampoo sheet comes in a dissolvable sachet that dissolves down the drain while you wash your hair. Better for your hair, better for the planet.”

Are the REHAB Shampoo Sheets just as good as bottled shampoo?

Priced at £24 for 25 sheets (not including delivery), I was already impressed with the cost of the box when I first scrolled on the website.

This works out at less than £1 a wash and if you only wash your hair 2-3 times a week on average, it will last you quite a while.

My order came quickly and was packaged really well (I can’t help but be sucked in by good branding).

So that evening, I hopped in the shower and gave the enticing hair products a go.

I was surprised how fast the outer sachet dissolved in the water, and it didn’t leave any sticky residue at the bottom of the surface, it seemed as if I blinked and it was gone.

When I combined the shampoo sheet with warm water to make a lather, this also didn’t take long.

Wiltshire Times: The REHAB shampoo sheet dissolved really fast in the showerThe REHAB shampoo sheet dissolved really fast in the shower (Image: Newsquest)

However, I personally think I would have liked a little bit more bubble action going on but I suppose it depends on your liking.

I also really enjoyed the scent as it smelled clean but fresh, again I would have preferred a bit of a stronger scent but as someone who can’t get enough of all the scented body care products, that’s just a personal choice.

It didn’t leave my hair feeling dry which was my main concern, so this was something I was chuffed with.

Overall, if you are conscious of repeatedly buying plastic bottles of products when it comes to shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and so on, this could be the one for you.

It’s also a good alternative for those wanting their money to last a little longer, as although the initial £24 plus delivery can seem a bit much for just shampoo, the longevity of it balances this out.

How to use the REHAB Shampoo Sheets

The REHAB website recommends the following steps:

  1. Wet hair completely
  2. Tear open your sachet and remove your Shampoo Sheet
  3. Drop the empty sachet to the bottom of the shower and let it dissolve
  4. Add water to the Shampoo Sheet and lather in hands
  5. Massage well at the scalp working down to the ends
  6. Rinse thoroughly
  7. For best results, finish with conditioner 

You can purchase the REHAB Shampoo Sheets on the REHAB website, as well as other hair products such as heatless silk curlers and brushes.