Fans of the popular Channel 4 show Gogglebox have been left surprised after a new family joined the programme unexpectedly.

The newcomers made quite the impression when they appeared on Friday night's episode of the show after being introduced to the audience by Gogglebox narrator Craig Cash.

After couple Teresa and Anita were shown on screen for the first time, fans of the programme were quick to share their thoughts with one taking to X, formally known as Twitter, to write: "Excellent additions by what we've seen so far."

Gogglebox fans surprised after new family unexpectedly joins programme

One user added: "Ooooo new people #Gogglebox," while another said: "New people #gogglebox."

According to the Mirror newspaper, a fourth said: "Oooh newbies!! #Gogglebox."

Introducing the new couple, the official Gogglebox page on X said: "Meet Teresa and her wife Anita #Gogglebox #newbies" and shared a picture of the pair.

This comes after fans of the Channel 4 show were introduced to duo Danielle and Daniella in 2022. Their arrival on the show was also shared on social media with showrunners writing: "Meet our new Goggleboxers, best friends Danielle and Daniella. #newbies #Gogglebox." 

Earlier in the month, fans were thrilled by the return of the beloved Malone family after many noticed their absence and feared they would not appear in the latest series.

The couple have been on the show since 2014 with Tom Malone Jr. and Vanessa Malone often being joined by their children Shaun Malone, Tom Malone Jr. and Vanessa Malone.

At the time of their absence from the programme, fans went online to look for answers with one user writing: "Anyone know what's happened to the Malones? Never the same without them."

Rejoining the show, the family got up to their usual antics. Following a segment on energy bills, father, Tom Malone asked: "Downstairs hall light on Julie?" to which Julie replied: Yeah, that's because the dogs don't like the dark."

Tom then said: "The kitchen, the kitchen light is on out here. Oh and the upstairs Julie."

Julie fired back, telling him: "I made you a coffee and I come back in here with my hands full." 

Tom then quipped to his partner: "Upstairs... look at it, it is like Blackpool illuminations."