Sainsbury's has dropped the price of Cadbury Freddo Chocolate bars to 10p for a limited time.

Cadbury is responsible for a range of chocolates including Boost, Crunchie, the classic Dairy Milk as well as Easter favourites Creme Eggs. 

Arguably one of the most popular chocolates in its range is Freddos.

The price of Freddo chocolate bars always used to be 10p.

But over the years, due to inflation, the prices of Freddo chocolate have begun to increase. 

The price of a Freddo in 2024 is 25p, but it has been as high as 36p in the past.

Freddo chocolates on sale for 10p at Sainsbury's

But now, as part of celebrations for 200 years of Cadbury, Sainsbury's has dropped the price of Freddos back to the "prehistoric price" of 10p, down from 25p.

However, there is a catch. To claim the 10p Freddo offer you must be a Nectar member.

If you aren't already a Nectar member, all you have to do is sign up online - which can be done via the website here.

You'll also have to be quick as the 10p Freddo offer for Nectar members will only run from April 17 to April 23. 

"Buy, buy, buy" - shoppers rushing to Sainsbury's for 10p Freddo chocolates

The 10p Freddos have shoppers all across the UK rushing to their nearest Sainsbury's in an attempt to stock up on the popular chocolate treat.

Members of the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK have been sharing pictures of their Freddo hauls and reminiscing about how good it is to have the original prices back.

One person on a post in the group commented: "Wow! Prehistoric prices."

Another added: "I remember when they were always 10p prices today are shocking."

Others seeing the posts have begun planning trips to Sainsbury's to get their hands on the cheap Freddos. 

One member said: "HOW HAVE I MISSED THIS ???????"

Another person commented: "I need to get some."

A third Facebook user added: "Omg!!! Buy, buy, buy!!!"


The Freddo offer at Sainsbury's has proved so popular that some stores have already begun running out of stock, according to members of Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK.

One person in the group said: "None left in my store even though they limited buying to 30."

Cadbury Freddo chocolate bars are available at Sainsbury's for 10p for Nectar members from April 17 until May 7.