Five decades of controversy, of untold costs, of pollution and 'rat running' through local villages, and still no end to the argument of how to take traffic on the A303 past Stonehenge.

The latest, almost finalized route, is by way of an ultra-expensive tunnel- the cost of which would, I feel sure, build quite a few hospitals and staff them.

This tunnel has a planned completion date and budget. 

However, like most projects of this magnitude, there is little doubt that date and budget will overrun should the boring ever start.

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Could it even go the way of HS2 because it is noticed that traffic has altered and everyone gets around in air buses rather than cars? With modern tech advances, nothing is out of the question.

So, what is the answer to today's traffic problem?  'Simples'! 

Do what should have been done 50 years ago- dualled in a cutting along the present alignment, ignoring the howls of The National Trust, English Heritage and archeologists, all of whom are still howling and delaying a solution to the problem.

I have a great deal of respect for what they all do and discover about our past, which hopefully helps us understand the whys and wherefore of today. 

But in my opinion, should any Government of the last 50 years bitten the bullet and forced through that easy option and putting the living before ancient remains we would all be happily still watching the tourists come to visit whilst all the present problems would no longer exist. Many will shake their heads and put me down as ignorant and stupid (I don't care) but I know I am not alone with my thoughts. 

Brian Ford 

Olivier Close, Salisbury

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