NOW you have the basic grip and posture, you are looking to swing the golf club and hit some shots.

The purpose of the swing is to achieve correct impact and thus control the golf ball’s distance and direction.

The golf swing is made up of two major parts: the up and down swinging of the arms; and the turning of the shoulders.

With both hands on the club your arms should form a ‘v’ shape, to start the swing move your arms to the right away from the golf ball making a wide arc. (Picture 1) Once the club has reached hip height you should now hinge the wrists to form an ‘l’ shape with the left arm level to the ground and the club pointing up to the sky.

This is the back swing. During this motion you should allow the shoulders and hips to turn so that your left shoulder is level with the ball. (Picture 2).

To strike the golf ball you need to turn your shoulders back to the ball whilst extending your left arm and club into a straight line to connect to the ball, follow this movement on past the ball so that you make a back to front ‘l’ with your body facing the target. (Picture 3)

This motion should be made as fluent as possible, turning the shoulders back and through whilst swishing the club to strike the ball.

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