WHEN we are close to the green but have an obstacle in the way such as a bunker or an area of long grass we need to pitch the ball.

This is a shot that is played in the air with hopefully very little roll. To do this use a pitching wedge.

We are going to sneak our feet out a little wider to nearer to shoulder width apart for stability as the swing is getting longer and more powerful.

Another key point is to keep your weight favouring your left side around 60/40 so that you control the low point of the swing and strike down on the ball. (Picture 1).

This is a follow-on from the chipping swing, we are going to extend the swing longer past the 8 o’clock position and allow the wrists to hinge a little.

This is a mini version of the golf swing so we need to allow the hips and shoulders to turn clockwise and so encourage a smooth semi-circle shaped swing.

In the back swing the club should be pointing at around 9 o’clock on the clock face and your body be turned away from the target with your weight on the left side. (Picture 2).

For the through swing we do everything in reverse, turn your hips and shoulders back through to the golf ball whilst extending the club and left arm into a straight line for impact.

Keep the motion flowing so that by the end of the shot you are facing the target with your chest and hips and the club at the 3 o’clock position.

Also ensure that you have kept your weight on the left side. (Picture 3).