THE most infuriating part of golf can be missing short putts.

Seemingly having done all the hard work, by getting the ball on the green and getting the ball close to the hole, you then miss the putt from short range.

Try this week’s tip to hole more of those short putts.

Firstly, line yourself up to the target correctly.

A good way to do this is have a line on your golf ball that you can point towards your target.

This will help your alignment.

By having a line on the ball allows you to aim your club face perpendicular to it to achieve club face alignment.

Your feet and shoulders should be parallel to the line that the target is on.

Take care in setting yourself up so that you have correct aim.

Most players miss these short putts by being anxious to make the putt and looking up early to see if the ball has gone in the hole.

This sneak peak at the hole at impact can lead to missing putts left of the hole.

As you move your eyes towards the hole your shoulders tend to follow and so too your putter.

This leads to the putter face closing and missing the putts.

To improve on this try this drill.

When striking the putt keep your eyes down at the ground and listen for the ball to drop in the hole.

In practice, you could put a coin underneath the ball or pick a blade of grass to focus on.

By listening for the ball to drop you restrict the amount that your shoulders move and improve your chances of holing the putt.