THE hook is a very destructive shot in golf, with the ball curving to the left usually on a low flight.

This shot is caused by a swing that is too shallow and a swing path that is out to the right of the target for a right-handed golfer.

The curving part of the shot comes from a club face that is pointing to the left of the swing path.

The first place any hooker of the golf ball should look is the grip.

Most hook swings are caused by the hands being too far over to the right on the club.

Make sure that your left hand only shows two knuckles and that the ‘V’ formed by the forefinger and thumb on the right hand points at your chin..

The next step is to ensure the ball is not too far back in your stance and that your body alignment is square and not pointed to the right.

If your driver is the offending club in the bag make sure the ball is positioned opposite the inside heel of your forward foot.

While swinging, most hookers of the golf club tend to get ‘stuck’ at impact.

This means the body stops turning which doesn’t give the arms anywhere to swing. It forces you to swing out to the right of target and use your hands to square up the face which often leads to overdoing it, causing a hook to the left.

If this is the case then you need to face your fear and actually swing towards your target, turn your hips and shoulders to face to the left of your target.

This will give you the room to swing your arms and square up the face without having to use your hands and wrists.